Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No news is good news ...

Don't you hate it when you keep checking someone's blog, and there's no update? I know I do. And I realize that in some people's world I've become the person who hasn't updated my blog in four days.

I have no real excuse.

I'll cling to the saying, "No news is good news."

Yeah, doesn't really work in the blog world.

I could tell you about how yesterday I loved listening the pitter-patter of the rain all day. I enjoyed the cooler temperatures coming through the windows. I slept soundly under a couple blankets with the ceiling fan moving the cool air throughout our bedroom. Then this morning I didn't want to get out of bed because I knew it would be chilly outside the covers. And once I got up, I momentarily appreciated the rain, then dreaded going out in it to run errands. But we were out of milk. In fact, I had a whole list. Cate got to bundle up in a cute, brown sweatsuit and I did my best to keep us both dry.

See, it's not really that exciting.

Can a picture make it up to you?

It's from last week, when temperatures were warmer, the sun wasn't a stranger and I wished for cooler weather. Looks like I got my wish, minus the sun. Anyway, back to the picture ...

I thought that would help. Yeah, she's cute. Better than sunshine, really. And look at that outfit. It's like a baby version of something I'd like.

OK, because I've been a blog slacker, here's one more ...

I would have a picture of the cute, brown sweatsuit, but Cate is sleeping. Maybe later. If you're lucky enough to get another blog update.

EDITED TO UPDATE at 3:57 p.m.: Cate woke up. After a bottle, she was all smiles. So you're in luck.


  1. That sweatsuit is so cute on her!

  2. I love the brown sweatsuit. I'd wear it if it were my size! :)

  3. She's a doll! He big eyes are beautiful! I love the sweatsuit too, but the little yellow shirt is darling!

  4. I Love both outfits and really they both look like you. She is just getting more beautiful everyday and such a joy to be around. You are doing such a good job with her. God is good.

    p.s. I really do miss your blog when you slack off. Ha - Ha

  5. thanks for visiting my blog today and telling me your "word". My contest isn't closed so let your friends know. Your daughter is as cute as a button!!! I was blessed enough to hold a 3 week old today and i am in major little person craving now...