Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From the weekend ...

I realize you have better things to do than wonder where my pictures are from the weekend. Well, on this Wednesday morning, here they are. You'll have to excuse me, I was distracted by my new washer and dryer earlier in the week. That and trying to get some order to the house.

So this weekend was a whirlwind of visiting Lexington and Louisville. We got to see a few friends, but there's just never enough time. Mom enjoyed her grandma time with Cate most of Saturday while we were at the UK game. (Yes, they lost. Consider us bad luck. But I promise you we were cheering. Maybe blame the guy in front of us with the UofL hat on ... in Commonwealth Stadium. Oh, that's right, blame the offense for its inability to score.) We stayed up late Saturday night playing cards with Cassie and Zac and then spent Sunday hanging out with them, Kevin, Laine, Milla and Poppy.

I just love that shot (above) of Laine reading to Milla and Cate. Both the girls mesmerized by the book. Sunday was the first time Laine had met Cate because she and Kevin just got back together in August after some time apart.

Through it all, Cate just played. And I'm telling you, she plays hard and just takes it all in.

Grandma and Milla picked out that xylophone for Cate. Milla got a "more advanced" one, but she wanted Cate to have one too.

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