Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What would make your day?

Pardon the absence of new Cate pictures this week. My camera battery is apparently completely dead, and, of course, I can't just go to Wal-Mart and get a new one. I ordered it from Kodak.com, though, so it should be here later this week. Just in time for her one-month birthday. Until then, here's some thoughts for you from Zig Ziglar ...

What if I told you there’s one simple question you can ask your spouse every day that would completely change your relationship for the better? If your marriage is lukewarm at best, asking your spouse this question could add new life and vitality to your relationship.

Wives, imagine if your husband came walking through the door after returning from a tough day at work and, after the usual greetings, asked you this: “Honey, what can I do for you that would make your day?”

Then, once you picked your jaw up off the floor, imagine being able to tell him that one thing that would make your day better –- and then seeing him drop everything to do it.

Husbands, how incredible would it be to have your wife call you at the office and ask, “Honey, what can I do for you that would make your day?”

The trouble with this question is that it’s simple to ask, but sometimes following through on the request is difficult. Your spouse could ask you to do that one thing you dread more than anything else. Or he or she could ask you to do something that’s not very pleasant, it may hurt you, or it might ruin your day to do it. It might cause you to be vulnerable in ways you don’t want to consider.

But imagine how your spouse will feel when you’ve done it. Just today I asked my spouse this question. She was gentle with me and said, “Oh, I just love it when you take care of the kids so I can take a shower in peace.” So guess what I’m doing tonight? You got it. Playing with the kids. Now, not only do I get the joy of playing with the kids, but I also get the joy of knowing that my wife is happy, too.

The question can go beyond marital relationships. ...

Before you ask, make sure your mind is set on doing whatever they ask, no matter how hard it is for you. Obviously, unethical and immoral things are off limits. But, otherwise, it’s a great test to see how willing you are to serve your spouse.

One final note: Don’t give your spouse a guilt trip for telling you what will make his or her day. Don’t say, “OK, I’ll do it if you really want me to.” Just do it with a cheerful heart. After all, you asked for it.

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