Friday, June 1, 2007

adorable ...

Yes, we think so, just like the onesie says.

So it's June. We've had Cate for almost four weeks. And I've been off work for four weeks. Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me that my purpose right now is to take care of this precious girl. Feeding her, loving her, changing her diaper and clothes are the most important things. Getting anything else done is indeed a bonus. (OK, so I did end up making it to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon and then later wrote thank you notes, but the morning didn't start off that way.)

But the morning did start off with me praising God for the way I gained perspective after spending the day before wondering what I needed to do next. I realized, like I already said, that taking care of her is the most important, and then everything else flows from that. I wonder about routine, then I realize she's already in a little routine, one that involves much sleep. I wonder what I should do, and I realize the simply answer is love her, and the encompasses all the getting to know each other, meeting physical needs, meeting emotional needs, providing things she doesn't realize she needs ... LOVE HER.

And I do.

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