Sunday, April 1, 2007

My family and food

My great-great Aunt Ree (Marie, really, but at some point most of us kids couldn't pronounce her name) liked to shop at dollar stores for things she definitely didn't need and "pack rat" has an understatement about her storage habits.

And she often talked about what she ate. In detail.

My sister and I often likened anyone to Aunt Ree if they started to go into detail about a week's worth of meals.

But, to honor the late Aunt Ree, let me tell you about the best way to make cinnanmon toast (a food that, ironically, reminds me of my Nanny, who happens to be Aunt Ree's niece and my grandmother because she could make it to perfection). Sandwich buns. Cinnamon toast is amazing on buns instead of bread, especially when it's broiled in the oven rather than actually toasted.

Yummmm ...

I just ate a few pieces. It's really such a perfect way to start the morning. A few foods are worth talking about, trust me. Aunt Ree sure thought so.

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