Sunday, March 4, 2007


We shopped at JC Penney (although we didn't find anything), Hibbet's Sports (they don't sell basketball backboards?) Elder-Beerman, Hallmark (again, nothing worth buying), Old Navy, World Market and Kohl's. Notice I restrained myself for buying scrapbooking supplies at both Hobby Lobby and Michael's, which we drove right by.

The best deal of the whole day ...

Greg found a pair of dress pants for $4.99. Let me say they are nice. Pin-striped and all. (NO, we will never be Yankee fans!) Originally priced at $100, they had been marked down to $59.99, and apparently they really wanted to get rid of them. What a steal.

And here I thought $51 for two pair of pants (a dress pair and some jeans) were a good deal. Hey, there were both half off!

Then later that night we lounged at home, reading and watching TV. I finished "Between, Georgia" and started "Gone." Two totally different genres but both have characters who are completely engaging and plots that keep the pages turning.

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